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    "a unique premise to instill a seed for a beautiful Islamic precedent"

"In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful"

The Role of the Masjid
The masjid is the heart of any Muslim community, providing much more than a place of worship. Many offer education, shelter and are often a base from which essential community services are provided.

Current Situation

There are no Mosques in South Oxfordshire; all the Islamic activities are rented, temporary spaces.

You shall find no regular Salah in South Oxfordshire only Jumu'ah & in Abingdon Alhumdu'lillah, 3 out of the 5 of daily prayers performed on the weekends. The Muslims of Abingdon rely, Alhumdu'lillah, upon the generosity of two local brothers, who have allowed us to use their business premises as a Masjid on the weekends. Please include them in your dua's.

In order for the Abingdon Muslim community to develop and connect with Allah we require a space where we may perform our Salah and help the local community Muslim and non-Muslim alike. Hadith

The first and foremost duty performed by our beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) upon entering Madinah at the time of emigration was to build a Masjid.

Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said;

"Whosoever builds a house (masjid) for the pleasure of Allah, whether it be small or large, Allah builds for him a house in Paradise" At-Tirmidhi

The Project Concept

There are many masjids in the UK, Alhumdu'lillah with the help of local Architects, a proposal for a fully sustainable, self-sufficient Mosque in Oxfordshire is currently being developed.

The general premise of the design is practical rather than focussing on the aesthetically lavish. A masjid which doesn't require regular fundraising towards the running costs. Enabling the Abingdon Muslims to raise money and re-invest in our Town, helping towards the growth of the entire community.

A preliminary scheme shall be uploaded to website as soon as possible Insha'Allah

Donations, Advice, Support

Abingdon Muslims would be grateful for any assistance, financial or even possible contacts.

This is an excellent opportunity for 'Sadaqah Jariyah' as the donor, Insha'Allah, can expect to receive rewards as long as the mosque is standing and as long as people worship there.

May Allah All Mighty open our hearts & enable the Muslims of Abingdon to Performs Salah & act upon the Sunnah of our beloved Prophet Muhammed (pbuh)